Tunes On Tuesday – The Mish-Mash Edition

In my spare time, I do sound design and work as a sound technician for a local English theatre group called The Hamburg Players.  This group is full of amazing people that I’m honored to call my friends and have really made my settling in Hamburg a 1000 times easier and more fun than it would have been otherwise. Currently, I am working on the sound design for our upcoming play Treasure Island so my mind has been filled of visions of pirate ships and epic battles.  Then I saw this..

And, oh dear god, she is right. I’m very tempted to sneak this into the show somehow, if it wasn’t like highly illegal.  Still, the orchestral cover of Bad Blood is truly amazing and deserves a listen.

One of my friends from back home (Australia) is a ridiculously talented musician, but after relocating to South Africa around the same time I relocated to Germany, she hasn’t produced any new music, until now – and the wait was worth it.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Genevieve Maynard and her most recent track ‘Winter’.

Please listen to her other stuff as it is just incredible. I’m so excited that she is back creating her magic through music again.

I’ll freely admit that current music is not my forte. I have no idea what’s hot right now and who is in the top 40. In fact, most of my current music knowledge comes from Pitch Perfect. Seriously, I’ll be at a dance party and only recognise the song that is playing cause it was sampled in Pitch Perfect. So, I present to you the Barden Bellas.

Pauley Perrette is known for her role on NCIS as Abby Sciuto, one of the most awesome scientists on TV today, but did you also know that she is musician?





Tunes on Tuesday – The Imogen Heap Edition

I discovered Imogen Heap way back in 2006 on the The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe movie soundtrack, which is a very odd way to discover a musician whose signature style is electronica pop.  But I loved her song on the soundtrack and then fell in love with her other work. I saw her in concert in 2010 and it was one of my favourite concerts of all time. She is pure energy in motion when she performs.

Goodnight & Go was one of the first tracks that I came across. It is a disturbing catchy song about stalking.


Run-Time is the perfect pick-me-up song and the video is proof that dancing skills are purely optional.


You Know Where To Find Me is a beautiful tribute to the Thames River in London.


Lifeline is a song that Imogen wrote with us fans giving us access & say in how a song evolves and comes into being. I love that she did include the word teaspoon, even though we were joking.


Have you heard of Imogen Heaps before? If so, have you been lucky enough to catch one of her concerts?

Five Years in Deutschland

I have now been living in Germany for five years. How insane is that? It feels both longer and shorter than that. These past 12 months have been full of changes and challenges – and some big ones at that.

  • I became a permanent resident of Germany, which means I can stay here as long as I like.
  • I quit the job that brought me to Germany in the first place – and that was a really healthy decision for me. That place was slowly killing my soul.
  • I started 2015 jobless and ended up doing 5 months of Intensive German classes.
  • I worked as the Head Sound Technician for an international theatre festival and then turned around and was the sound technician for the most technically complicated show I’ve ever worked on.  It was a crazy month.
  • I got a brand new job working in Adops which is not only something I have never done before but also my job is entirely in German. It is challenging as hell, but I love it.
  • I speak German now – not perfectly, but that will come (or maybe it won’t), but German has become the language I use from Monday to Friday almost exclusively. This is just insane to me. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever speak a second language well enough to work in that language.

These past 12 months have been probably the happiest 12 months that I’ve lived in Germany, not because the others were so horrible, they weren’t, but just because I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone in many ways and found out that I was much more capable than I thought.

There is still so much about life in Germany that I have yet to learn and to fully understand and I’m sure that working in a German office is going to accelerate that. Also, as my German inches its way to fluency, I am sure I will pick up more and more understanding about how German society operates and all the little nuances that make up German life.

Bring on year six with all its challenges and brand new experiences!



Tunes on Tuesday – The Deutsch Edition

When I was first learning German, I heard that listening to songs in German was a great way to learn the language, so I filled my iPod with German language songs. The first artist I listened to was Klee. Thanks to this song I will never forget that ‘erinnern’ is reflexive.

I’m not sure how I stumbled across Chima, but I really love this song.

One of my German teacher introduced us to the Schlager sensation Helene Fischer by making us sing this song at the end of quite a few lessons ensuring that I will never forget the lyrics.

When I wanted to see Frozen (Die Eiskönigin/The Ice Queen), the German version was the only one screening. Now Frozen in English is just plain wrong, although I really should Lass jetzt los.

If you want to hear more German music, I have a whole You Tube playlist.

Did you listen to German music in an attempt to learn the language? If so, what were/are your favourite songs?




Tunes on Tuesday – The Taylor Swift Edition

I’ve gotten really into Taylor Swift lately and I’m not even going through a breakup – I can’t explain it. This, along with other stuff going on in my life, makes me seriously think that I’m having a mid-life crisis, but screw it, I’m just going to enjoy it. I consider Taylor Swift my musical guilty pleasure.

Let’s face it, nobody sings about a breakup quite like Taylor Swift.


Not only an awesome breakup song, but I would pay good money to see a movie of this.


A gorgeous song about those short-term relationships that stay with you forever – and also Taylor shouldn’t look quite this good with dark hair.

The Dailymotion link seems to be down, so try this one.


This has become my go-to song for those mornings where getting out of bed is almost impossible.


So, now that I’ve revealed my musical guilty pleasure to you, what’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Wanna Be Highbrow?

I can never go too long before the desire to learn something new overtakes me. One would think just starting a new job and spending all day communicating in German would be enough of a mental challenge for me, but it seems not, my brain is still like, give me something new to chew on!

Therefore, it is a good thing that I just discovered Highbrow, a free 5 minute a day course before I did something stupid like enrolled in a new language course. Every morning, I get an email in my inbox that I can read over breakfast or whenever I get some downtime, which is just enough to keep my brain happy. I’ve chosen as my first course Street Artists You Should Know, as I really love street art, but you can choose any course ranging from How The Human Body Works to Incredible Female Leaders Throughout History. Each course lasts just 10 days and at the end of each course, you can choose another one and then another and then another.  I can see that in a few months’ time I will be able to have awesome dinner conversations that will make me look crazy smart and well-read.


Sunset On The Elbe

On Wednesday evening I attended my first work function – a 3 hour harbour cruise hosted by a vendor, who provided us with large amounts of alcohol and good food for reasons I’m still trying to work out. The cruise did, however, provide a great opportunity to take some pictures whilst sailing around the Elbe. Pictures I could not have possibly taken from land. I didn’t even think about the photo opportunities that this cruise might give me, so I didn’t bring my large camera with me, all I had was my iPhone, but I was really impressed with the quality of the pictures I was able to get that required no editing or filters whatsoever.

The sun starting to set over the Elbe


The clouds creating a gorgeous effect


The shipyard as seen from underneath a huge container ship


The shipyards at sunset


The sky turning pink as we head back to shore

I really do need to start getting out more armed with my camera, as I discovered I really do miss photography when I don’t do it for a long time.