Everything You Need To Know About Living In Germany

This is a collection of all the blog posts I have written focusing on various aspects of life in Germany from visas to shopping and from recycling to language. I hope you find the information informative if you are thinking of making Germany your home.

Please note, these blog posts are my opinion only.  Also, they relate to my town of Hamburg.  Things may be done differently in other parts of Germany.


Applying For An EU Blue Card

What You Need To Apply For An EU Blue Card

How To Apply For Permanent Residency In Germany


How Easy Is It To Find A Job In Germany?


10 Tips For Improving Your German

Disney auf Deutsch

Improve Your German with a Web Series

Improving My Listening Skills

Is It Hard To Learn German?

Learning German Through Music

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Bärchenwurst – one of the creepiest things you can ever put on a sandwich

Food Glorious Food

The Mystery of the Lindt Frogs

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Alstereisvergnügen – Hamburg on Ice

Berlin Street Art

CSD Hamburg 2011

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Ice Hockey, German Style

Sonntag Flohmarkt

Sunday Is A Praying Day

The Frühlingsdom

The Problem With Barefeet In Germany

The Truth About Customer Service in Germany

Two German Children’s Books You Need To Read (& Possibly Own)

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping In The Fatherland


A Step By Step Guide to Recycling Your Bottles in Germany

Recycling – The German Way


The Horror of German Reality TV