Six Years On

Rainbow balloons at the Rathaus

Rainbow balloons at the Rathaus

Six years in Germany. Wow. It is strange that on one hand time seems to have gone by so quickly and on the other hand it seems like the exact opposite. It feels like I just arrived here yesterday and that I’ve been here forever.

Thanks to Timehop, I’ve been reading tweets leading up to my move to Germany and it was such a dark, depressing time. I just want to give that scared, broken girl a huge hug. Living in Germany has radically changed me in ways I never expected. I am so much stronger and braver for it. I have had experiences I never would have had if I had just stayed in Australia and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Things here haven’t always been easy, but they have never gotten so bad that I just want to pack it all in and move back to Australia. German is still doing my head in and I hate watching TV or movies in the language, but if people at work try to speak to me in English then I get really irritated and annoyed. One day I’ll work out what that’s all about.  Perhaps it’s because it is a recent thing and I’m all, ‘Why are you speaking English to me now??’

On the whole, this year has been tough, like really tough. Let’s face it, 2016 has been a bitch of a year for many people.  I’ll be glad when we can kiss this year goodbye. However, the toughness of this year has much to do with life situations and not where I am, geographically speaking.  I still love the WTF moments that Germany frequently throws up. It keeps life interesting.

Let’s see what interesting things Germany throws at me in year seven.


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