Tunes On Tuesday – The Mish-Mash Edition

In my spare time, I do sound design and work as a sound technician for a local English theatre group called The Hamburg Players.  This group is full of amazing people that I’m honored to call my friends and have really made my settling in Hamburg a 1000 times easier and more fun than it would have been otherwise. Currently, I am working on the sound design for our upcoming play Treasure Island so my mind has been filled of visions of pirate ships and epic battles.  Then I saw this..

And, oh dear god, she is right. I’m very tempted to sneak this into the show somehow, if it wasn’t like highly illegal.  Still, the orchestral cover of Bad Blood is truly amazing and deserves a listen.

One of my friends from back home (Australia) is a ridiculously talented musician, but after relocating to South Africa around the same time I relocated to Germany, she hasn’t produced any new music, until now – and the wait was worth it.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Genevieve Maynard and her most recent track ‘Winter’.

Please listen to her other stuff as it is just incredible. I’m so excited that she is back creating her magic through music again.

I’ll freely admit that current music is not my forte. I have no idea what’s hot right now and who is in the top 40. In fact, most of my current music knowledge comes from Pitch Perfect. Seriously, I’ll be at a dance party and only recognise the song that is playing cause it was sampled in Pitch Perfect. So, I present to you the Barden Bellas.

Pauley Perrette is known for her role on NCIS as Abby Sciuto, one of the most awesome scientists on TV today, but did you also know that she is musician?





2 thoughts on “Tunes On Tuesday – The Mish-Mash Edition

  1. Hello,

    One question about your previous job quit. Is there a minimum period of work (6 months, one year, ect. ) that you have to have to benefit from social help?

    Thank you!

    • Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. Things are a little crazy around these parts at the moment.
      How long you need to work in Germany before you can claim unemployment benefits, I believe, depends on whether you are an EU resident and may also depend on if you are a German resident, if you come from a non-EU country. I worked here for four years and had German residency before I quit my job – mainly because my work visa was tied to my job, so I needed residency in order to stay in Germany. I would talk to your local Arbeitsamt about your personal situation, as it is quite a chaotic and puzzling process to claim unemployment benefits here.

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