Five Years in Deutschland

I have now been living in Germany for five years. How insane is that? It feels both longer and shorter than that. These past 12 months have been full of changes and challenges – and some big ones at that.

  • I became a permanent resident of Germany, which means I can stay here as long as I like.
  • I quit the job that brought me to Germany in the first place – and that was a really healthy decision for me. That place was slowly killing my soul.
  • I started 2015 jobless and ended up doing 5 months of Intensive German classes.
  • I worked as the Head Sound Technician for an international theatre festival and then turned around and was the sound technician for the most technically complicated show I’ve ever worked on.  It was a crazy month.
  • I got a brand new job working in Adops which is not only something I have never done before but also my job is entirely in German. It is challenging as hell, but I love it.
  • I speak German now – not perfectly, but that will come (or maybe it won’t), but German has become the language I use from Monday to Friday almost exclusively. This is just insane to me. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever speak a second language well enough to work in that language.

These past 12 months have been probably the happiest 12 months that I’ve lived in Germany, not because the others were so horrible, they weren’t, but just because I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone in many ways and found out that I was much more capable than I thought.

There is still so much about life in Germany that I have yet to learn and to fully understand and I’m sure that working in a German office is going to accelerate that. Also, as my German inches its way to fluency, I am sure I will pick up more and more understanding about how German society operates and all the little nuances that make up German life.

Bring on year six with all its challenges and brand new experiences!




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  1. I really like your posts, as an expat it gives me hope about the language ;)

    Why you site does not have a search option? Can you add it please, it will make users like easier.

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