Tunes on Tuesday – The Deutsch Edition

When I was first learning German, I heard that listening to songs in German was a great way to learn the language, so I filled my iPod with German language songs. The first artist I listened to was Klee. Thanks to this song I will never forget that ‘erinnern’ is reflexive.

I’m not sure how I stumbled across Chima, but I really love this song.

One of my German teacher introduced us to the Schlager sensation Helene Fischer by making us sing this song at the end of quite a few lessons ensuring that I will never forget the lyrics.

When I wanted to see Frozen (Die Eiskönigin/The Ice Queen), the German version was the only one screening. Now Frozen in English is just plain wrong, although I really should Lass jetzt los.

If you want to hear more German music, I have a whole You Tube playlist.

Did you listen to German music in an attempt to learn the language? If so, what were/are your favourite songs?





7 thoughts on “Tunes on Tuesday – The Deutsch Edition

  1. Growing up I couldn’t stand German music. So poppy and 80s but when I started learning German I discovered Rammstein and was very happy (they taught me “wir wollen” properly) recently I’ve discovered German hip hop which os very good but unfortunately too hard for a beginner

  2. ” …I will never forget that ‘erinnern’ is reflexive…”

    Sorry, I don´t want to come across as an Oberlehrer, but you might use “erinnern” in a different context in which is is not. E. g. “jemanden an etwas erinnern” which would mean to remind someone of something.

  3. It’s really surprising, that Klee was the first German artist you listened to. They are not as well-known as several similar bands like “Wir Sind Helden” (We are heroes) or “Silbermond” (Silvermoon). I like Klee very much and saw them live a few times. My favorite song (and video) by them is “Lichtstrahl” (ray of light).
    Helpful for language learning could be Anglo-German songs like this one by Nena & Kim Wilde, Irgendwie Irgendwo Irgendwann – Anyplace Anywhere Anytime:

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