Wanna Be Highbrow?

I can never go too long before the desire to learn something new overtakes me. One would think just starting a new job and spending all day communicating in German would be enough of a mental challenge for me, but it seems not, my brain is still like, give me something new to chew on!

Therefore, it is a good thing that I just discovered Highbrow, a free 5 minute a day course before I did something stupid like enrolled in a new language course. Every morning, I get an email in my inbox that I can read over breakfast or whenever I get some downtime, which is just enough to keep my brain happy. I’ve chosen as my first course Street Artists You Should Know, as I really love street art, but you can choose any course ranging from How The Human Body Works to Incredible Female Leaders Throughout History. Each course lasts just 10 days and at the end of each course, you can choose another one and then another and then another.  I can see that in a few months’ time I will be able to have awesome dinner conversations that will make me look crazy smart and well-read.