The Results of the B2 German Exam Are In…

…. and I passed!! I’m so excited. The exam was so difficult that I was sure that I didn’t have a hope in hell of passing.

Ok, so for the breakdown, here’s what I received.

Reading: 64% – as the most difficult section of the exam, I’m surprised I did that well

Listening: 74% –  given that the first part of this section was ridiculously hard, I have to assume I aced the second part.

Writing:  72% – given my writing skills, this is amazing.

Speaking: 90% – What?? Speaking is my worst skill and what I get criticized the most about by my teachers. How did I get 90%??

Total Score: 75%

Happy doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel at the moment.


16 thoughts on “The Results of the B2 German Exam Are In…

    • Yes, it has been totally worth it. Although, honestly what is more important than passing an exam is being able to use German in my daily life.

  1. Wow, congratulations, you earned it! Those tests are no joke. I also did way better on my weakest subjects (writing and speaking) than I expected — maybe because I was scared and invested way more energy into preparing for them? Who knows, but it’s awesome to hear that you also feel more confident in your abilities! That’s a huge benefit from mastering those exams. :)

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