Crunching The Numbers: Month 2 of German Class

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Month 2 of my intensive German course is over, so how did I go this month compared to the previous one?  Unfortunately this month I was less motivated than I was in January. I felt like I learnt nothing for the first 2.5 weeks and to be honest, the teachers were not as good as my wonderful teacher in January. They didn’t make us work and we were only assigned four writing assignments for the entire month. In January we had 4 writing assignments per week. Still, I feel like I made progress. I spoke only German the vast majority of time including on breaks and whilst on cultural outings and I’m beginning to feel comfortable in the language. My presentation this month was much better than my messed up presentation in January. Still, when I’m nervous I speak way too fast and I lapse into pronouncing words that German & English have in common like culture or generation in the English way. So, much to improve before I sit my exams in April.

So, how did I actually go, grade-wise?

Listening: 1-2

Reading: 1-2

Structure: 2-3

Speaking: 2-3

Writing: 2

So, basically the same grades as I got in January except my writing improved from a 3+ to a 2. I’m not sure this was an actual improvement in my writing or just comparing my writing to others in my class. Since my teacher asked one student if she used Google Translate to write one of her assignments, I’m going to go with the fact I got a 2 because my writing was better than some of my classmates’.

Classes start again tomorrow and my teacher from January told us that she’s trying to get assigned back to our class, so I’m pressing my thumbs that she’ll be our teacher for March. If she is I know I’m going to be made to work hard, which if I’m being honest, I’m looking forward to. I need to pressure from the teacher to make me work hard instead of just coasting along.


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  1. It’s kinda frustrating when teachers don’t really make us work. It happened to me once or twice and I always had this bad impression that they didn’t really care about my improvements…

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