Why #WomensLives Matter

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have noticed that I have posted links over the past 2 days with the hashtag womenslives and probably wondered what that was all about. Just a head’s up, you will be seeing much more of this hashtag both on my Twitter feed and my blog in the coming months.

It will come as no surprise to you that I feel strongly about gender equality in both the workplace and the wider world. As a woman who works in IT (ok, worked, since I’m now unemployed), I deal with sexism on a fairly regular basis as people who have never worked with me before doubt my abilities simply because I happen to possess two X chromosomes. I also experienced many times people trying to get out of working with me again simply because I was female. They always wanted to speak to ‘your manager’ or ‘someone higher up than you’ which was code for ‘I want to talk to a man’. Unfortunately for them I was the manager and there was no one higher up than me in tech support so they had to just deal with a woman telling them that their javascript code was badly written and then telling them how it should be done.

Therefore when She Knows Media and Public Radio International (PRI) asked me to be part of a ground-breaking journalism project called Across Women’s Lives, you bet I jumped at the chance. So over the coming months, I will be sharing the fantastic articles appearing on PRI as well as blogging about the various subject matters raised when I feel I have something worthwhile to add to the conversation. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to read the statistic that only 24% of news stories are about women. You only need to open up a newspaper or magazine to see that when women are mentioned it is usually about what a female celebrity wore at a film premier or what her new diet and fitness regime is.

If we want gender equality, we need to fight for it on many fronts, one of them being having a more balanced coverage in our newspapers and magazines of women’s accomplishments, struggles and the reality of their daily lives. I hope that you will share the articles that move and inspire you with your friends either on social media or through your own blogs. We have a chance to change how women are represented in the media, but this will only happen if we make it happen. Otherwise The Powers That Be will be content focusing only on our bodies and not on our minds.


9 thoughts on “Why #WomensLives Matter

    • Unfortunately it is a major problem in the industry, but hopefully as more and more women starting working in tech the sexist attitude will fade away.

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  2. Look forward to reading more! In case you’ve not seen it yet, there’s another Sheryl Sandberg article about women at work in the NYTimes this weekend.

  3. My voice to womenslives is positively based on the principles and instructions given to the Muslims in our Holy Book :Quran-e-Muqaddus. Women have the rights in the human community and are divided in highly respected positions i.e. Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Aunt & etc. I believe that a person should take care of women all over the world.

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