What Books Would You Unread?

We all have books that we would love to unread because they were so terrible, but what about books you would love to unread because reading them the first time was so thrilling and wonderful? I read the post The 20 Books You’d Unread (so you can read them again) and it got me thinking about what books I would love to read for the first time again. Here is my list of 6 books (some of them book series) that I would love to read again for the first time:

The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon

This book trilogy was written in 1988 but recently got a re-release due to its popularity. At its core it’s about a willful girl that runs away from an arranged marriage and joins a mercenary fighting company but it contains everything a fantasy lover loves – magic, elves, paldins and lots of fight scenes. It is the only fantasy book I’ve read that feels real mainly because of the accurate descriptions of life in a military camp and the battles themselves. I just want to experience it all for the first time again, rather than the thousandth.

The Vatta’s War Series by Elizabeth Moon

Yes, another book series by Elizabeth Moon. There’s a reason why she is one of my favourite authors. This one is a space opera – pure sci-fi but filled with everything that makes Moon’s books worth reading, including awesome fight scenes. I would just love to get the chance to meet Ky for the first time, rather than have her be like an old friend.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This is one of those books that I wish was real. I so want to go and see The Night Circus with all of its magical acts and quirky performers. I would definitely be one of the red scarf wearing fans that follows the circus around the world. However, inside all the magic lies real heartache and pain and this story draws you in and never lets you leave. To experience it all for the first time again would be pure magic.

The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

This series really needs no introduction. This was a series of books I could not put down. I think I read all three of them in a single weekend. To experience again that urgency to devour all the books one after the after with very little sleep and be left with a massive book hangover as thoughts swirled around inside my head for weeks on end, well, that’s why I read.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

This book is not only how all vampire books should be written but all urban fantasy books. It is the perfect mixture of real life combined with the horrific world of the undead and magic. I would love to learn all this books’ secrets for the first time and to be captivated by it all over again.

Wild Swans by Jung Chan

My copy of Wild Swans has its cover almost torn off and pages crumpled from it being read so often. The poor thing is at a point where I need to replace it. This book introduced me to the violent history of China but also the beauty and strength of its people. The women in this book are inspirational and it’s my go-to book when I need strength. I would love to meet these women all over again.


Of course, these are not the only books I would love to unread. I have almost an entire bookshelf of books I would love to read again for the first time. In fact, it’s only books that have captured my heart and imagination that now get a place on my bookshelf. All other books stay on my Kindle. But for books that draw me in and never let me go, I need to own a physical copy of them. I need to touch them.

What books would you unread so that you could read them for the first time?  Also, what books would you unread just because they were so terrible? On the top of my list is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I never finished it, even though it was one of my mandatory texts for my HSC, but the hours that I tried to plough my way through it I want back.


7 thoughts on “What Books Would You Unread?

  1. I love this idea! Will definitely be writing my own post on it at some point. I’m glad to see The Night Circus on your list as I’ve just started reading that – years after everyone else!

  2. As someone with a rather poor memory I don’t actually need to unread any book all I need is to wait about a year and I have forgotten all but the general outline of the plot so I can go back and enjoy the book again

  3. Thanks for your recommendations! I guess I will read some of them – for the first time, hooray :D

    If you’d like the Night Circus to become real: Last year I went to an event in a park in Heidelberg, it was like an outdoor theater (their homepage is http://theater-anu.de/ ).
    And it felt like the Night Circus! Smaller and without the tents, though. They built ways of little candles and you could walk between them in little light labyrinths, and in the end of the labyrinth you could watch actors doing … things. Little sceneries with lots of details, music, recorded poetic language … like a dream!
    (the event I visited was called “Die große Reise”, you can see pictures at their homepage).
    I was standing there and just thought: “It’s like the Night Circus becoming real!”
    So, if the group is close bei you, go and have a look :) it’s not that expensive and it was a wonderful experience.

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