Chocolate: It’s What’s For Breakfast In December

Growing up in Australia I didn’t know that Advent Calenders were a thing.  Sure, I knew about Advent as I was dragged taken to church every Sunday, but having a calender associated with it was not something that Australians did in the 80s. However, here in Germany Advent is a huge deal, especially the Advent Calender – and it is a tradition I have embraced wholeheartedly as who can’t get behind having chocolate for breakfast for the first 24 days in December.

The first Advent Calender I got was one designed especially for children so the chocolate came in all kinds of festive shapes

and ones that were supposed to be festive but looked strangely suspicious

Then the following year, I discovered that After Eights did an Advent Calender and due to my addiction to mint flavoured chocolate there was no going back after that.

So now every December I start my mornings with a piece of mint chocolate and life couldn’t be better for those 2 minutes it takes me to eat it. Actually I would be in favour of extending Advent to cover the whole year. I think the world would be a happier place if everyone started their day with a delicious piece of chocolate.



4 thoughts on “Chocolate: It’s What’s For Breakfast In December

  1. Interesting, I grew up in the 70s in NZ and we certainly had Advent Calendars then, tho the ones I remember had stickers in them, not chocolate. I think the chocolate came a lot later :)

    I too am addicted to mint chocolate but we dont have these here in NZ, which is a real shame!

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