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Life is weird. Yesterday, however, life became a little weirder than it normally is when I received an email from a producer at the BBC World Service Radio wanting to know if I would participate in a live debate that evening thanks to a blog post I had written that a grand total of 43 people (at that time) had read.

I initially turned the offer down as the debate was scheduled to start at 7pm and I was doing sound for a performance of Twelfth Night that began at 7:30pm. But she begged me to come on for 5 minutes and I agreed I would if they could promise I would be done by 7:15pm. Unfortunately due to the time constraint I didn’t get to debate anyone (damn!) but I said my piece & responded to what had been said previously & hopefully didn’t embarrass myself.

The theme of the debate (in case you didn’t click on the link to the post) was Bob Geldof re-releasing ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’. The debate participants were a showbiz reporter for the Guardian, a woman who runs an organization promoting African culture & me, who, let’s face it, is hopelessly unqualified to speak about this topic.

I actually had quite a bit of fun, after I stopped freaking out about it being my first time on radio and it being the bloody BBC. I wish I had more time honestly, especially since the woman from the African culture organisation (I think that’s where she was from, I was busy freaking out at the time) was making excellent points and I would have loved to have asked her some questions about them.  If I ever get the chance again to participate in a radio show, I would definitely seize it.

I have no idea in the slightest how the BBC found my rant on my tiny insignificant blog. It’s just so absurd when you think about it. Still, something to tick off my bucket list.


8 thoughts on “As Heard On The BBC

  1. I would like to dispute your previous statement… where you say your blog is tiny and insignificant. If that were truly the case, we wouldn’t read every time you post. You’re not insignificant to us.

    • Aww, that’s so sweet of you Chris. I treasure all my lovely loyal readers like you, but in the grand scheme of things, my blog is rather tiny. I certainly would not have considered it worthy of attention by corporations like the BBC.

      • Small in size or following compared to BBC maybe, but never insignificant. I appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective, and would say your writing is absolutely worthy of their attention (and welcome them to the party – even if they’re a bit late to it).


  2. How awesome, i read your rant and it made me think a lot about that some. Some of the points you raised I had already realised myself but some other ones you bought home to me as well. Feeling a lot guilty about my white privilege all thanks to you :)

    • I think it does us good to realise the privilege we have whether that be thanks to our race, gender, sexuality or income – even though it can be tough to face. It is only once we are aware of it, that we can try to level the playing field, so to speak.

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