When The Wall Fell

It was 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell.  I remember watching it on the evening news in Australia.  I was 14 years old. I remember being excited by the images I saw, the celebrations, people embracing and crying. I had a pen friend in Germany at the time. I wrote to her asking her what she felt about the wall finally falling. I never heard back from her.

I never expected 25 years later, I would be living in Germany and watching those same images on TV again, but this time with the news anchors speaking German instead of English. As a 14 year old, I wouldn’t have dreamt that this would be my life, living here and trying my hardest to integrate into German life.

Where were you when the Wall fell? Is your life anything like you imagined it would be a quarter of a century ago?


2 thoughts on “When The Wall Fell

  1. I was 8 at the time. I knew about “die DDR”, East Germany, a second Germany of its own, but actually an occupied part of the “real”, our Germany – but I didn’t really grasp it all, of course.
    We had a class mate from Saxonia whose parents escaped earlier that year. He had a curious accent and a hard time fitting in – he was constantly baffled by many things that were completely normal to us, and we were confused at that. We couldn’t picture HOW hard it must have been for him. To be a stranger among your own people.

    I don’t really remember how I felt that day. But I quite vividly remeber my parents calling us to the living room and sitting in front of the TV, crying and unable to talk.

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