Welcoming A New Baby

I saw this in the doorway of an apartment building in my neighbourhood and I have to admit it is something I have never seen before.  I thought perhaps someone had spent a little too much time on Pinterest but German friends have put me straight – this is how babies are welcomed in Germany.

On the day the baby is born, family and friends put up the line with some alcoholic ‘help’ supplied by dad. It appears to be a tradition more adhered to in the South than up here in North, but I’m glad that a neighbourhood family decided to bring the tradition up here with them.  I think it is a lovely way to welcome a brand-new family member and also a nice way to alert the neighbours to a newborn in the building.


7 thoughts on “Welcoming A New Baby

  1. How cute! I’ve never seen it down here, but that may be because I live in a city. I’m sure these traditional things are done a lot more in smaller towns and suburbs, where the neighbours actually know each other!

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