Beaches, Sunsets & Humpback Whales

After returning to Germany after visiting my family and friends in Australia almost a month ago, I have finally gotten around to uploading and sorting through the photos that I took whilst there.

My hometown of Newcastle, where my parents still live, is a beach town and home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Australia.

– Bar Beach


Newcastle Harbour is also the world’s largest exporter of coal and my parents, who have an apartment right on Newcastle Harbour, spend quite a lot of time on their balcony watching the ships sail into and out of the harbour.

– A ship coming into the Harbour at sunset


They also have a great view of the Newcastle skyline


And of the Queen’s Wharf Tower that is affectionately (or not so affectionately) called the B.D.  You can probably guess what B.D stands for.


Whilst visiting my parents, we spent one day up the coast at Nelson Bay on a whale watching cruise.

We saw the locals just hanging out

And of course, we saw the main attraction, humpback whales.  I took hundreds of photos all perfectly lined up, just to get hundreds of photos of the sea as I could never get the timing rights when the whales breached.  This is a photo I just snapped randomly.

It did require some straightening up and cropping as it was snapped so randomly that nothing was set up. There is lots wrong with the photo technically, but even with all its faults, I just love it. Watching the whales out on the ocean was just such a wonderful experience.

And here is a photo of one of my favourite Australian birds, the Rainbow Lorikeet, just because.


If you are into photography or just want to see more of my photos, you can take a look at the Newcastle photos and the Nelson Bay ones on Flickr.

More photos of Sydney including the Taronga Zoo are still to come!





4 thoughts on “Beaches, Sunsets & Humpback Whales

  1. What a gorgeous place to call home. Despite coming from an area known for its whale population, I’ve never seen a whale breach like that! Lucky you to have been able to capture it. For several years my parents also had a direct view from their living room over the harbor in Seattle and loved watching the big container ships sail in and out of the Elliott Bay. I guess my parents would get along with yours. :)

    • I got really lucky with that shot. It was a total fluke. Then again some of the best photos are. Newcastle is really a lovely part of the world. I’m not 100% sure I could ever live there again, but it is a fantastic place to visit.

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