Humid Hamburg

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High humidity is not something people think of when they think of Hamburg, Germany. Rain, wind and fog is what Hamburg is known for.  To be honest, it’s rainy, windy and foggy here for about 9 months of the year at least. However, when (and sometimes if) summer arrives, it arrives with its friend High Humidity.

The humidity has been sitting between 70-90% for the past three weeks plus and I’m getting really sick of it.  I am sick of every morning when I arrive at work having to wipe the sweat off my face and neck with a handful of tissues and having to deal with them being completely sweaty again 30 seconds later. It should be noted here that my office is not air conditioned and since it is west facing it resembles a sauna every day from 2pm onwards.  I’m also sick of standing on the train during my morning and evening commute feeling the sweat dripping down my back. Now some people look gorgeous sweaty, but not me, I’m just one big hot mess of disgusting-ness.

I’m looking forward to Autumn with its crisp foggy mornings with a desire as big as my desire to see the next Avengers film (Trust me, this is a desire of epic proportions).  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Please reassure me that there are those of you out there that can’t wait to break out the sweaters, winter coats and boots.  This summer can’t last forever, right? It has to be over soon.


7 thoughts on “Humid Hamburg

  1. yep I am with you on that one! the summer in OZ seems to go on forever( and I think it is secretly trying to kill me by cooking me). so I am greedily enjoying our crisp winter mornings and dreading the imminent onset of Summer.

  2. In Frankfurt the weather isn’t the best in summer either. When have a few days full of toasty sun and some others where this sun is acompanied but humidity, ugh! I like the sun, but coming from Texas I think I already had my share of sun for life. I can’t wait to the autumn to be here!

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