Planten un Blomen

I took advantage of the nice weather we are currently having in Hamburg (a rarity it must be said) and once again took my new camera out for a test drive – this time to the park Planten un Blomen. On the way there, I was lucky enough to see this mother swan and her babies swimming down one of the many canals in Hamburg.

Mother and babies

My goal at Planten un Blomen was to practice landscape and nature shots.

Deck chairs

Ball of flowers

Lake at Planten un Blomen

But when I got to the lake a Toy Boat Enthusiast Club were there showing off their boats and I couldn’t resist capturing them in action.

Toy Tugboat

Toy Sailboat

Toy Boat #2

After shooting the boats for almost an hour, I wandered over the tranquil Japanese gardens

Japanese Pergoda

Japanese Gardens

This photography thing is becoming rather addictive and honestly is a really enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.  I ended up taking 439 photos of which only 30 were, in my opinion, worthy enough to be uploaded to Flickr. I still have so much to learn about photography, which I’m starting to think that like learning German will be a lifetime endeavour.

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    • The boats the club members had were impressive with the amount of detail they had on them. Some of them even included tiny human figures.

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