Himmelfahrt at Ohlsdorfer Friedhof

Today is Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day) which is a public holiday across all of Germany. Himmelfahrt also doubles as Father’s Day which men (fathers or not) celebrate by wandering around the woods with their friends getting drunk. Since I’m not male, I decided to spend my Himmelfahrt wandering around the Ohlsdorfer Friedhof to test my brand new camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ200. Ohlsdorfer Friedhof is the world’s largest park cemetry and covers a massive 391 hectares. It is is so big that it has two bus lines to help people get around. I spent 4.5 hours there and only saw a very small fraction of the cementry. However, it was a fantastic location to play around with my new camera and I can see myself spending much more time there in the future.

Just look how gorgeous it is (click to enlarge the photos).


Group of graves

On my wanderings I ended up at the Kinderbegräbnisstätte (Children’s graveyard). It was the most depressingly beautiful part of the cementy and the place I took, in my opinion, my best photos.

Bears on a child's grave

Sleeping angel child

Toy dog on a grave

Child's grave #4

Toy cars on a grave

I have many more photos over on my Flickr page.

After playing around with my camera all day, I am beyond pleased with it and all it can do. It will be a great camera for me to learn more about the art of photography and hopefully improve my skills. Also, it has some really lovely in-built creative retouches so that you can make your photos look like this, if desired.

A wreath on a grave



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