The End Of An Era Of Sorts

One of the very first things I did on arriving in Germany was enrol in German lessons.  For the past 3.5 years every Tuesday and Thursday evening I have been in German class. But last Tuesday evening was my last class….. for now. The next 3 months are jam packed for me and unfortunately don’t allow me to attend class regularly.  I could have kept going to class when I had the time but after continous classes for the last 3.5 years, let’s face it, I was due for a break. I have gone from a raw beginner who couldn’t even string a basic sentence together through to being conversational. However, my German is far from perfect or even remotely fluent, even though technically I am at the end of C1.

To be honest, I find it a little daunting to no longer be going to class.  It has been a routine and a structure for pretty much my entire life here in Germany. I’m sure I will definitely notice its absence when my life settles down, which should be around August. I’m going to have to keep up my studies so I don’t lose what I have gained.  Some of that will be just keeping on doing the things I already do like reading books in German, watching TV in German and having regular conversations in German, but I will need to get strict with myself and force myself to do grammar exercises regularly. I’m also hoping with some more free time I’ll be able to do more activities like getting back into my martial arts, which will, of course, be done in German. I guess this is the stage where I move from focusing on learning German to just using it in my daily life.

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8 thoughts on “The End Of An Era Of Sorts

  1. 3 and a half years of continuous German lessons is quite a feat by anyone’s standards:-) Only my opinion, but it’ll probably do you good to have a break from it and I found that the time away will actually give you a little time to absorb what you learnt. Enjoy your lesson break and more importantly, enjoy the free time it’ll give you to do do other things:-)

    • Thanks :) I too am hoping that the time away from formal lessons will give me a chance to come to grips with the grammar and improve my grasp on the language as a whole so that if/when I go back I’ll have a good solid understanding of the basics and be able to get stuck into the really complex stuff.

  2. “I guess this is the stage where I move from focusing on learning German to just using it in my daily life.”

    ‘Daily life’ like this, soon bilingual, blog? :-P

  3. Congratulations! That’s a LONG time to stick with it.

    I write an occasional post on about German language from the English-speaker perspective — maybe it’ll keep your academic thought processes from going into complete hibernation until your schedule allows classes to resume, if that’s on your radar.

  4. Takıng a break ın language learnıng ıs actually supposed to aıd learnıng – every once ın a whıle you just need to step back for a whıle to let the materıal you,ve learned sınk ın. If you keep usıng your German ın everyday lıfe, after a month or so you should fınd that you now really understand and can use that trıcky pattern or those long words you studıed (but dıdnt quıte learn) a whıle ago.

  5. Wow! 3.5 years is a long time to consistently stick at it. Congratulations on that achievement. My wife is just coming up to her first year anniversary of German language lessons, and she is starting to get a little bit sick of it. Well done!

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