Frühlingsmüdigkeit Is Real

For the last three springs I have been laughing at the Germans and their supposed Frühlingsmüdigkeit (Spring Fatigue). I mean, who on earth gets tired simply because the weather gets warmer?  Now Wintersmüdigkeit – that would make sense.  Who doesn’t want to hibernate when the weather is cold and it’s constantly dark outside? But karma, being the bitch she is, has decided that this spring I’m going to pay for all my past mocking by slamming me with some heavy duty exhaustion.  It started at the beginning of last week when come 6pm I could barely keep my eyes open. I even had to miss work on Wednesday thanks to me sleeping for 11.5 hours the night before & then barely having the energy to crawl from my bed to the couch.  I was even too tired to contemplate sitting at my desk to use my laptop. That’s some serious exhaustion.  I thought perhaps I was coming down with a springtime cold, which in itself is just nature being cruel, but nothing has developed.

One week later and I’m still low on energy.  Nothing major, more of a general blergh feeling.  However, I’m not going to let it stop me enjoying the rare weather we are currently having in Hamburg.  Not only has the yellow thing in the sky made one of its rare appearance, but it is warm.  It got to 19C yesterday. 19C at the beginning of March – that’s crazy temperatures.  This time last year it was still snowing. Today it’s already 18C and the weather report is saying it’s going to stay sunny and mild for the next 5 days. I foresee much lying in the park drinking up the sunshine. Perhaps that’s the remedy I need to get rid of my Frühlingsmüdigkeit.

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