Spaß ohne Grenzen

This evening I was supposed to be in German class but instead I went to see the awesome gentleman above perform his latest stand-up show completely in German.  I figured it would be way more educational and fun than my class – and I was right.  It was incredible. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Never again am I going to experience the pure delight (and surprise) of being able to understand a 75 minute show done entirely in German. It is kinda nice when you and the performer have a similar level of German.

Eddie Izzard didn’t perform this show to show off his German. In fact, he struggled for words here and there and the show itself used relatively basic German, but that didn’t matter to either him or the audience. In fact, I would say the audience loved him even more for it. I know I did.  He explained at the beginning of the show that his goal was to create Spaß ohne Grenzen – Fun Without Borders to show that comedy is universal and that comedians can and should do their stand-up shows in foreign languages.

The venue itself was rather initimate.

The Quatsch Comedy Club

I would say there was about 100 people there. It was quite different to the large theatres he plays at in the UK.  Apparently the audience contained the Who’s Who of Hamburg, but since I don’t know any of them I just nodded when my friend pointed them all out. I was impressed though by the guy that looked like Thor, purely because of the hair.

Was he funny in German?  Yes.  I was laughing the whole way through it.  However, he is much funnier in English, but that is only because he is comfortable in English (naturally) and can play around with the words and the audience reactions.  He was much more limited in German.  I say give him a year and he will be able to do the same in German.

Because the venue contained so few people, most of whom didn’t really hang around.  I was able to meet Eddie and chat with him in German about learning German and how he thinks doing stand-up comedy is honestly the best way to learn a language.  He was gracious, lovely and humble.  He also takes an awesome selfie.

The Transvestite and the Lesbian

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  1. Great photo! I used to absolutely love Eddie Izzard – had every show of his on video cassette (ha!), knew half of them off by heart, and went to see him doing live stand-up and improv eight or nine times. I remember seeing a programme about him doing gigs in France a few years ago – I just love that he does this – you’ve got to have absolute faith in your material and a pretty massive set of balls to do something like that. I bet it was ace. Did you get to hear what any native German-speakers though of the show?

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