Where Has January Gone?

I swear New Year’s was just last week.  I can’t believe that we have only 10 more days until the month is over and February begins.  Where on earth has this month gone? It seems to have passed me by whilst I wasn’t looking.

Part of the reason why this month has gone by so fast is that I have found myself with something scheduled every single evening/day with the exception of Saturday – and then I use Saturday to catch up with friends.  This is what an average week is looking like for me at the moment;

Monday evening: German conversation with B

Tuesday evening: German class

Wednesday evening: Rumours rehearsals

Thursday evening: German class

Friday evening: Improv

Sunday: Rumours rehearsals

Some of the chaos will stop mid-February when Rumours finishes and then I will have some space to stop and breathe. Still, it isn’t all bad.  Yes, I’m insanely busy, but my mental health is better when I don’t have time to over think shit. But I would dearly love a day where I can give in to my inner sloth and just spend the day on the couch reading.


2 thoughts on “Where Has January Gone?

  1. Hi Riayn,

    I’ve been following your blog on and off for a while now, and wanted to reach out and ask if you had any recommendations for finding work/sorting visas here. I’ve just made the big leap across the pond from Australia and am based in Mannheim for at least the next 6 months…

    I’m not sure where to start from here… (I’m a teacher back home) eep.

    I’d love to chat, if you were up for it.

    msbeesy (Lisa, snowman on the beach).

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