Everything You Need To Know About Living In Germany

Flag of Germany

Flag of Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realised the other day that in the three years I have lived in Germany, I have written quite a bit about the German way of life that remained hidden in my archives, rarely seeing the light of day. Therefore, I decided to bring the best of them out of hiding and onto a page all of their own, which I have named Everything You Need To Know About Living In Germany. Yes, it is a rather ambitious name, but hey, why not aim big. Any new posts I write on German life will be automatically added to this page so that this resource will continue to grow and expand and hopefully one day it really will cover everything there is to know about Germany (again I’m thinking big).  Until then, please enjoy going through what I have compiled so far.  I had a wonderful time getting it all together and reliving some fun memories.

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