The 100 Words A Day Challenge

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For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I routinely set myself challenges to improve my German and that I keep myself accountable by announcing those challenges here on my blog. So, the time has come once again to set myself a new challenge.

I’ve been thinking lately about how hard I find writing in German and why I struggle so much with it.  Then it struck me, it is because I never practice it consistently.  My reading in German has improved in leaps and bounds because I have spent 20 minutes nearly every day for the past year reading German texts. Therefore, it is time to apply the same treatment to my writing.

Presenting the 100 Words A Day Challenge!

My challenge is from Monday 30th September to write 100 words a day in German for at least 30 days.  Don’t fear, I will not be posting my daily writings on my blog (no one wants to be exposed to that), but instead will be posting them all on Italki. You can friend me and keep up with my progress here, if you like. I feel that 100 words a day is not a massive undertaking and something that I could do in 30 minutes. After 30 days, I hope to have made it a habit and something I can then continue doing.  I’m also hoping that in 30 days I will notice at least some small improvement in my written German.

As with all my language challenges, I welcome company.  You don’t have to do the challenge in German, it can be done in any language you are learning. If you are not learning a foreign language, then it can be done in your native language if you have ever wanted to improve your writing abilities or to just take 30 mins out of your day to simply write. You don’t need to stick to 100 words – it can be more or less (100 words just sounded like a nice round number), as long as you attempt to do a little each day. The main thing is that you are spending a little time each day working on your writing skills.  So, who is with me?

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3 thoughts on “The 100 Words A Day Challenge

  1. I am challenging myself to something similar! I have decided every Friday, I will do an English/German blog post (with, obviously, a large amount of assistance from SG.) Here. Goes. Nothing.

  2. Nice try, I have a similar problem, I’m used to listen a lot of german (and I think I can understand quite well), but when I have to write something… chaos! Vocab is always a problem. I try to improve it translating songs. Well, good luck in your trial. Bye.

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