Three Years On

Coat of arms of the Weimar Republic (1928-1933...Today officially marks three years that I have lived in Germany.  Wow, what a ride. Over the three years I have lived here one thing has remained constant – I love my life here.  Sure, things have not always been smooth sailing and there have been many frustrations along the way, but not once have I wanted to pack it all in and go back to Australia.

As I have slowly become more comfortable with the German language I have picked up more and more about German culture, but in some ways, I still feel slightly separate from it. I’m yet to decide if that is a bad thing or not.  I am sure all that would change if I found myself in a relationship with a German, but since my love life has kept itself on a steady trajectory of non-existent, I don’t need to worry about that for a while. In fact single life continues to be pretty damn awesome.

I love living in Europe and having the option of spending long weekends in different countries, so far this year I have spent weekends in Rome, Paris, Budapest and Prague. I’m not sure I could give that up.  It balances perfectly my urge to travel and explore with my need to work and earn an income to pay for the travelling and exploring.

Well, onwards to year four and to it being just as awesome as the other three and full of new adventures.  But for now, my dear friend Eddie, who coincidentally arrived here the same day I did, and I are going to dinner tonight to celebrate making it this far.  Surviving three years in a foreign country and trying to wrap your brain around a foreign language needs to be celebrated.

If you are interested in reading what I thought about my life in Germany on my first year anniversary and my second year anniversary, just click on the links.

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