The True Meaning Of Surreal

You may have noticed the lack of regular content here for quite some time.  I do apologise for that.  My health has been crap, pretty much all this year and whilst it is slowly improving, not being able to get out and live life to its fullest does cut down on things to blog about.  Blogging about my bad health is also deadly boring. Then there are things I would love to blog about, work for instance, but can’t and every time I think about blogging, the stuff on my mind seems to be all the things I can’t blog about, which is extremely annoying.

However, lately I have been rekindling my love for stand-up comedy.  I think this has been brought out by a little depression (if you call little depression that has lasted for 3 months) and a pining for the Australian/English sense of humour.  Thanks to the power that is You Tube I have been mainlining the comedy geniuses that are Bill Bailey, Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard and lately Adam Hills (Google him!).  I have been laughing so loud that I fear my neighbour is worried that I have finally lost my mind. He might be right.

Therefore to bring a little joy (and some insanity) into your world, I present Adam Hills, a man that is not really known outside Australia and the UK but who really should be.  Here is his rant on teaching his godson the true meaning of surreal which have I watched more than once (okay, four times) in the last 24 hours because it reduces me to a flood of laughter tears.

Warning: This video features Australian accents and also a really bad Scottish accent.

What I love about Adam Hills is that his comedy is infused with a love of life and joy.  It is never negative.  What I also love about Adam Hills is that he has a sign language interpreter at most of his shows and she, Leanne, is as much a part of the show as he is.  In fact, some people will only book tickets if she will be signing the show, and to be honest, I don’t blame them – she is brilliant.  To see this, here is the first part of his show Inflatable.

Also you have to admire a man that is on a first name basis with all of his groupies.

Enjoy – and feel free to share with me your favourite stand-up comedian as I need more stuff to keep me laughing.

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