Dear Australian Labor Party

English: The Australian Labor Party led by Kev...Normally I don’t care about your internal bickering and yearly leadership coups, until of course you choose to self-combust and throw Julia Gillard out and bring back Kevin Rudd, who you previously threw out to bring in Julia Gillard, because this shit makes the international news. Now whilst I was quite content to shake my head and sigh deeply, others wanted me to talk about it. I’m quite happy to talk for hours about politics. I have strong opinions about it and I am known for being quite opinionated. However, these opinions get a little less strong when I have to talk about them in German.  Now, ALP, thanks to you committing political suicide which made the international news, I had to speak about your stupid coup in German.  This was not pleasant, especially for my dear neighbour and friend who had to struggle through my less than stellar explanation in German, especially since I forgot the word for lost so need to use ‘not win’ in its place. Also, I’m really not sure what leadership coup or even leadership challenge translate to in German.  Quite frankly my explanation was a complete and utter mess. My brain is now feeling the strain of having to navigate your idiocy in a foreign language and I am blaming you for the resulting melting of my aforementioned brain. Don’t do this to me again.  Please conduct yourselves in a more professional manner so I don’t have to repeat this nonsense any time soon.

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One thought on “Dear Australian Labor Party

  1. Hey Meg,
    I think it is not funy to explain such a stupidity. Doesn’t matter if it is in English or German. You did very well.

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