Every Single Day Without Fail I Do This

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and then fail miserably when it comes to actually speaking.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.


6 thoughts on “Every Single Day Without Fail I Do This

  1. Love it. The post office is such a perfect example, too. I flubbed German so bad on one of my early trips to the post office that I was too traumatized to ever go to the post office desk alone again.

    • Oh no! This makes me so sad. The post office is one of my best German practising places. I’ve been really lucky to get some actually really nice postal workers.

  2. Let go! Forget all the practicing and theory and especialy constructing the one line you want to say on your way! It will never work. They’ll just open the conversation with something unexpected, catch you on the wrong foot and you’re lost anyway. So why stress yourself? Just relax and speak! If they don’t get you, try again. If they get grumpy, their problem.

    • I’m all for just speaking, since it is what I do in German most of the time. However, sometimes the situation dictates that you have to ask for something clearly and succinctly for instance, at the post office or at the butcher’s – and these times things don’t always go to plan. I usually just laugh it off and try again.

  3. Ummmm yeah. I asked where i could find contact lens sauce the other day. Also messed up basilicum, instead said brazilian, and instead of asking for basil seeds, my husband fell out laughing that i asked for brazilian sperm.

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