After 2.5 years…

I finally have blinds in my apartment!

It was due to a mixture of procrastination, indecision and large hearty dose of my German not being good enough that I did not get around to ordering blinds earlier.  Even 6 months ago, I don’t think my German would have been good enough to discuss my needs and wants with the non-English speaking salesgirl at the blinds store.

However, that is now in the past.  My blinds were installed on Sunday and they are simply wonderful.  It is so nice to have some privacy and also to be able to watch movies during the day when previously the sun shining onto the TV made that a not so pleasant experience.

This is my living room now, with blinds covering the glass balcony door and my 2.5m wide picture window, which made it impossible just to pick some blinds up from IKEA.

And my bedroom, where unfortunately, the photo doesn’t properly capture the awesome bordeaux colour.

The next thing I need to get around to is getting my living room repainted due to the build-up of some weird dirt stuff on the walls.  The highly textured walls make it impossible just to clean the dirt off, trust me, I’ve tried.  Also, I would like to get the bathroom repainted as well as the paint in the bathroom is literally peeling off the walls in chunks, so obviously it wasn’t done properly previously. Can anyone recommend a reputable painter in Hamburg?

As you can probably tell, I’m planning to be here a while.

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One thought on “After 2.5 years…

  1. I’m in the same boat! We have the electric blinds that can come down and make you feel like you’re in a dark dungeon but I’m in dire need of curtains. 2.5 years here and I think I’ll have to finally give in and buy them!

    They look great in your place!! Job well done!

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