Notes From The Coalface

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately.  Things have been somewhat crazy around here.

Things adding to the craziness in no particular order:

  •  My new boss.  Things aren’t going as smoothly or gelling as well as I hoped they would.  I’m finding him extremely stressful to deal with which is due in no small part by the fact that he wants to argue about everything including things he knows nothing about.
  • My health.  Things aren’t going well there at all.  My IBS has flared up to such a degree that for the most part I have to be just feet away from a toilet at all times. I’m also discovering weird food intolerances to random things like apricots, which result in unbelievably severe symptoms.  I’m off to see the specialist next Wednesday, but since IBS is a disorder that most doctors like to put in the too hard basket, I’m not pining all my hopes on this new doctor working with me to find an effective treatment.  Until I find one that will, I should probably buy stock in Imodium.  TMI I know, but there ya go.
  • A death in the family. Something that is the most challenging part of being an expat.  I did not return home. I was told not to. I have done my grieving, but it was a tough time.

Things that ensure I keep on keeping on during these crazy times:

  • New balcony furniture.  Look at how gorgeous it is.  Now for a weekend when it is not raining so I can sit in the sunshine and read my books.

  • New rollo blinds. Not only was I able to order them in German making me feel like I had won the lottery, but it finally means I will have blinds in my apartment after only just 2.5 years of living here. Guess who is an expert procrastinator?  They are due to be installed soon and I will probably write a whole blog post about them, because you know, I will finally have blinds!
  • Watching films in German.  Recently I declared Sundays to be my ‘no media in English’ day and I’m loving it as it gives me a perfect excuse to watch movies all day since I can claim that I am studying German.  I’m now only one film off watching all the Harry Potter films in German which has lead to the uncomfortable internal debate of just when is it okay to admit that Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley are kinda cute. Since I was well into my 20s when the first film came out, there is no answer to that question that doesn’t make me feel like a pervert.
  • Tele5 (German TV station) has started screening Xena on Sunday nights, which fits in so beautifully with my no English Sundays that I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried.  I used to be a huge fan of Xena so being able to watch the series again is so much fun even if I hate the way the Germans pronounce Gabrielle (the way they pronounce Xena isn’t that much better).  Tele5 are also showing Hercules and I feel a certain sense of comfort that the dialogue is as equally bad in German as it is in English.

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