The Healthier Me Challenge Progress Report : Week 1


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It has been one week since I embarked on the Healthier Me Challenge and so far I’m doing well, although I realise it is still early days yet.

I am eating way better than I used to and have cut out nearly all the Coke I was drinking, except for a couple of glasses on Friday night and a 500mL bottle on the Saturday.  Compared to the almost 1L I used to drink per day, this is a significant reduction.

I have kept up my promise to go for a 30 minute walk every day, in fact I’m walking 35 minutes every day (I do a set route of 3.8km) and since I started the Healthier Me challenge my Runtastic app is telling me I have walked 41.52km and apparently burnt 2,010 calories. This hefty number includes not only my 35 minute daily walks but also my walks to the gym (a round trip of roughly 5km) and a 10km walk on Saturday.

Speaking of the gym, I managed to get there twice this week. I was shooting for three times, but only managed twice. Since two times a week is what I promised myself I would do, I’m happy with that.

Doing all this good stuff has resulted in a weight loss of 1.2kg.  I’m happy with that number as it seems to be what most recommend as a healthy weekly weight loss, plus I’m trying to create a diet that I can stick for the rest of my life rather than drop weight fast (and then put it all back on when I start eating ‘normally’).

The more telling snapshot is going to be in a month’s time when I’ve had time to settle into this new way of living.  It’s also going to get shaken up by me going to a conference in Budapest this long weekend and the week after that spent travelling for work when access to healthy food and time to exercise is going to be compromised. How I’m tracking come mid-June is going to be interesting.

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4 thoughts on “The Healthier Me Challenge Progress Report : Week 1

  1. Congrats! Sounds like you’re off to a good start :)

    I’ve been on a similar journey for a while and have started ramping it up in the past few weeks with more physical activity – walking (currently 2.5km over my lunch break and the occasional 5km walk home from work), exercise (lots of wii fit!) and weights at home (10kg per arm). I’ll probably eventually “graduate” to a gym, at the moment I’m finding it hard to get to the pool on a weekly basis.

    I’ve been tracking food, calories, body fat snd muscle mass with Myfitnesspal and really like it (seek me out if you’re on there).

    It’s very hard for me to lose fat or gain weight by reducing consumption, since in a very petite girl with a BMR of under 1200. This whole fitness bit is pretty new to me (at least, working out regularly is) and I wish I could hit 1kg a week (I’d reach my weight goal in a month!), but with my frame, height and BMR it’s just not possible. I’d need to be pumping some seriously hard iron every day to see those kinds of results – clearly not sustainable in the long run.

    Good on you for seeing this as a lifestyle change rather than a “diet” – that’s the way to go. You did the right thing to cut out sugary drinks!

    Good luck with your journey :)

    • Well I was able to lose 1kg in the first week as I have almost 15kg to lose to get to my goal weight. I think the closer I get to my goal weight the harder it will be. The last time I made it to my goal weight, I was doing 6 hours of martial arts training a week plus eating healthily.

      Good luck making it to your goal weight!

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