Want To Help Get Good Music Made?

jess mcavoy

Jess McAvoy (Photo credit: the apostrophe)

If you are anything like me, you grumble about the crap music that gets made on multi-million dollar record labels. Music that has been auto-tuned so much that very little original sound remains and with lyrics that sound like someone just picked random words out of the dictionary and thought that will do. There is a reason why I don’t listen to the radio much these days.  I want music to move me, to speak to me and to (at times) tear me up inside.  Most music on the radio simply does not do that.

Therefore, I look elsewhere for my music.  I was fortunate to live in Sydney back when we had a kick-ass live music scene.  A music scene that is now the former ghost of itself thanks to pubs that hosted live music acts being forced to shut down because they made too much noise (WTF!).  I was also fortunate to have friends who were able to hunt down great music acts and then invite me along to go see them.  That’s how I discovered Jess McAvoy.  Ok, that is slightly a lie, I discovered Jess McAvoy because she was touring with Ani DiFranco, but the Sydney music scene meant that Jess had somewhere to play when she ventured up from Melbourne.  The Sydney music scene meant that I got to witness this amazing singer-songwriter many times over the years before both of us left Australia.

Jess is now living in Canada and is wowing audiences there and in New York, but because her music isn’t the bland, kinda sounds all the same music you hear on the radio, she doesn’t have a multi-million dollar record label footing the bill for her new album.  Like many independent artists, Jess is trying to get her next album made through direct funding.  She has set up an Indiegogo campaign and is trying to raise $30,000.

Before I ask you to chip in a few dollars to help some amazing music get made, I want to show you what Jess is capable of.

Donations start at just $5, which is about the price of a Starbuck’s coffee.  $15 will get you the digital download of the new album and the perks go up from there.

If you have any loose change spare, please consider donating it to Jess to help get some great music made.  The world needs more music like this.

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