I’m Allergic To Springtime in Germany

In Australia, I never suffered from hay fever.  I looked sympathetically on as my friends sneezed and sniffled their way through spring. However, once I moved to Germany and spring arrived, my nose started to run producing an alarming amount of mucus.  I was hoping perhaps it was a once-off.  However, on Tuesday evening when I arrived home from Greece (I will post about my vacation soon, I promise), my nose started to once again become a mucus-producing factory. I swear I’m currently single-handedly keeping the tissue companies in business.

I have no idea what I’m allergic to here.  Obviously, it is something that we don’t have or have much of in Australia.  The pharmacist I begged for something to stop the mucus, theorised that I might be allergic to birch. He might be right as I don’t think we have the abundance of birch trees in Sydney as we do in Hamburg.

I’m hoping that the tablets the pharmacist gave me works as my nose is getting rubbed red raw from me blowing it all the time. I’m so over this hay fever thing. If anyone has any suggestions to combat hay fever, I would love to hear them. Otherwise spring is going to become a very miserable time for me, which is a pity as I love watching the scenery change daily as all the trees regain their leaves and the neighbours plant their new flowers.

Speaking of springtime in Germany, this clip from the Producers came to mind as I was writing this post.  It’s so wrong, but so funny.

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10 thoughts on “I’m Allergic To Springtime in Germany

  1. You might see a dermatologist (who specialises in allergology) and have yourself tested and once the allergen(s) you are allergic to is/are established you can be hyposensitized.

    • If these tablets fail to do the trick, then I will have to seek more advanced medical help. I just wanted to avoid seeing the doctor.

  2. May and June in Germany, I have a terrible time. I am constantly popping pills — Cetirizindihydrochlorid to be exact, preferably the table (rice shaped) pill by Hexal.

    When July rolls around, I think that I will have ingested enough drugs to keep me breathing for a year.

  3. This clip may or may not get stuck in my head on really nice spring days here :) Hope your allergies get better!

  4. Haha I saw that musical in NYC with my family before I flew out for my year abroad in Paris. Now that I’m living in Germany, it just seems highly inappropriate, and I’m embarrassed to laugh at it. Hah.

    I’m allergic to birch. I always use http://www.meinestadt.de/hamburg/wetter/biowetter to check the pollen count. I’m guessing you’re also allergic to birch, considering that’s the only thing in the air right now!

    Hope your pills help!

    • Birch seems to be the pollen everyone is mentioning as the cause of my misery. If the pills don’t work, I will go to the doctor’s to get tested and hopefully start desensitization. I’m not sure I can deal with another spring like this.

  5. I just take loratidine or cetirizine from the start of spring through the end of fall. They don’t make the allergies totally go away but they make them much less distracting. Diphenhydramine works wonders….if you can stay awake. :/ I hope you find something that works for you – allergies can really be awful.

  6. I have started reacting to something too! My skin has come up in red, itchy welts, my eyes are going crazy. I never had this happen at home. Must be something we’re just not used to.

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