This Week on Instagram

Very little that is blogworthy has been happening around here, but I’m feeling like I’m neglecting this little blog of mine, so I’ve decided to share with you an emerging passion of mine, Instagram.  For a long time I could take it or leave it, it was handy for sharing photos across multiple social networks at a push of a button but that was all. However lately, I’ve kinda caught the Instagraming bug and have rather enjoy playing around with both my phone’s camera and Instagram to come up with some shots I rather quite like.

So, here’s what has been happening in my world over the past week or so as captured by Instagram.

I dyed my hair a dark red-brown. And yes, this is a very rare photo of myself I feel comfortable sharing. Also note my gorgeous brown bathroom tiles.

The mall below my office building appears to have been invaded by France. I’m really not sure what inspired the sudden outburst of French flags.

I made pumpkin pie spice mix which tastes amazing with mashed sweet potato.

We have been getting some gorgeous sunsets.

My one true love. A massive 600g of it.

It’s my favourite time of year. Tulip season.

If you are also a fan of Instagram, please feel free to follow me at riaynmac.

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