The Big Chill

I had thought that winter was behind us. Last Monday and Tuesday it was 15C.  It was like Spring had arrived and then the weather turned chilly – and then on Saturday it snowed and it didn’t stop snowing for 3 days.

In the three winters I have spent in Hamburg, I’ve never seen so much snow.  We usually get a nice covering, but nothing with any real depth.  This time, we got 20cm of new snow, so much that I saw people digging their cars out and the pathway to my apartment building had completely disappeared.

I, perhaps stupidly, thought that by March winter would be going away rather than appearing like it was just getting started.  We hit -12C this morning and we have had a little bit more snow today, with more forecasted tomorrow and over the weekend.  Spring is supposed to start in just 9 days time.  I think this year it is going to be starting late.

The early stages of The Big Chill

Day 2 from my bedroom window.

My balcony on Day 3. The red planter contains 3 plants and an upright spade that unlike the plants is completely buried by the snow.

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      • I agree! Right now the wind is howling here like a banshee. I’m trying to remember what it looks like to see a green lawn instead of white, white and more white.

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