Beginning To Find My Community?

Last night I sat in a gay bar in Lange Reihe and chatted and laughed with two other lesbians. This was the first time in my almost 3 years in Hamburg that I’ve hang out with more than one other lesbian. I have really missed this.

This all came to pass through my love-to-hate expat forum Toytown and the reinstatement of Queer Beer in Hamburg.  Knowing that Queer Beer is, to put it bluntly, a sausage fest, I contacted every lesbian in Hamburg active on Toytown that had ever mentioned they would like to go to a Queer event and asked them to come along.  Two of them said yes – and I’m extremely grateful to those two awesome girls (Hi, if you are reading this!).

I adore and treasure my straight friends, as well as my gay male friends, but there is a type of conversation that you can only have with another lesbian and achieve a real level of understanding, and that happened last night.  It was a rare thing in my German life and I wonder whether this will be something that will only happen a couple of times before it all fizzles out or whether it is something we can build upon and create an active English speaking Queer Girl Stammtisch. Food for thought, indeed.

But whatever comes to pass, last night was good and much needed – and I’m extremely grateful that it happened.

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2 thoughts on “Beginning To Find My Community?

  1. Yes, last night was great fun and totally true feels good to be able to talk about things that non-lesbian people can really understand ! btw the Australian Show I was talking about is called Kick ! :)

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