My First Trip in 2013 will be to….


I’m so excited because a. I haven’t been to Rome since I was 14 (that’s 24 years ago – yes I’m old), b. I’m going with two very dear friends from the UK and c. My dear friends have agreed to let me drag them to Pompeii for the day.

So, the last weekend in February will see the three of us in Rome taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, all armed with our cameras, with me pretending that my little point and shot is just as cool as their SLRs.

Suggestions as to what we definitely should not miss in our limited time there will be appreciated.  Also, is it true that on the last weekend of the month, the museums in Rome have free entry?

Have I mentioned how excited I am about this trip yet?

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5 thoughts on “My First Trip in 2013 will be to….

  1. How exciting! I feel like I went so long ago (I’m old too!), I can’t recall exactly what I loved, but I do remember thinking it was a really great city. Gelato. I do remember lots of gelato. Sometimes several times a day. ;) Bundle up and enjoy!

    • All I remember from the last time I was there was being impressed with how old everything was and me & my friend sneaking out of our hotel room at night to go wandering around the city.

  2. First off, 14 plus 24 does not equal old!

    And as for fancy SLRs, my motto is I’d rather be in the picture than have to take it.

    And Rome is the bomb (we were there for an entire weekend as a second honeymoon a few years ago) (and my father claims he explored Rome in the ’50s with a group of GIs along with an Italian actress they met on the way… I’m not sure I believe that but in Rome anything is possible!)

  3. When I was there for the last weekend of Sep 2006 (that long ago…geeze!) everything was free. It was good cause I was able to spend what would’ve been entry fees on English speaking tours of the Vatican and the Colesium. Definately eat Gellato and Pizza – love the simplicity of their pizza. Don’t miss the Colesium! And if you want to see the Sistine Chapel go now, I’ve heard they’ll be limiting numbers soon due to breathing affecting the paint.

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