A Slightly Untraditional Christmas

I haven’t lived in Germany long enough to set up traditions here.  Each year Christmas is celebrated in a slightly different way with different people.  This year I received my Christmas presents from my parents in early December and determined to actually open Christmas presents on Christmas this year I hid them in my wardrobe.

I’m surprised I made it to Christmas without opening them.

Then on Christmas Eve evening, which is when you open your presents in Germany and after asking most of Twitter when I was allowed to do so, I switched on CNN (cause I really wanted to hear some English) and opened my presents.

So spoilt!

Thanks to my parents, for the first time in many, many years, I now have a Christmas tree.

It’s tiny but so colourful.

And my parents gave me the greatest gift you can give an expat – their favourite foods from home.

Which was all individually wrapped.

And my father upheld a long standing tradition between the two of us, which is to buy a ridiculously tacky present.

May I present to you, the fish pen.

And a fantastic t-shirt that pleases my language geek self

Still trying to decipher it.

Then I made a not so traditional Christmas eve meal of bacon & mushroom pasta bake and watched the Pirate Movie.

Christmas Day was slightly more traditional.  A traditional lamb roast dinner with friends from all over the world followed by the very Christmas-y move, Fight Club. Then I came home and watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, which is probably the only traditional part of my Christmas I still adhere to, because it is not Christmas without the Doctor Who special.

There is part of me that longs to have a really traditional Christmas and another part that loves that Christmas is all over the place and that every year it is celebrated in a completely unique way.

I hope that all of you who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas whether it was with your family, your friends or getting some precious time alone.  For those of you who don’t celebrate, I hope you enjoyed some much needed time off from work.

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2 thoughts on “A Slightly Untraditional Christmas

  1. That sounds like a fantastic Christmas! I totally relate both to the turning on the TV to hear English bit and the part about wanting to receive food from your home country or the country you miss. I am so glad you had a great, untraditional holiday, and I hope the rest of the week continues in the same spirit!

  2. Sounds like a good Christmas! We also had an untraditional Christmas this year- white water rafting on our honeymoon in Bali!

    Love your parents’ gifts. You’re so right- food is the best present for an expat!

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