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With my B1 official exam just a couple of months away, I’m starting to work on my problem areas to lessen the anxiety attack when exam time rolls around. One of my major problem areas is Hörverstehen (listening comprehension).  I can understand most of the words (if people speak slowly), I just have trouble making it make sense when I can’t see how the sentence is constructed.  I think this is the reason why I’m fine when watching German films & TV if there are subtitles but rubbish at it when there are none.

Therefore, I’ve decided since I sit at a computer for most of the day, I can have the radio on and work on my listening skills.  I’ve therefore found a station which is pretty much all talking, all day long – NDR Info. Being a Northern German radio station, I’m hoping I might learn more about the area of Germany I call home whilst working on my listening skills. I was hoping I might have been able to find a Kids’ radio station which would have simpler vocab and announcers speaking more slowly, but so far my search has been unsuccessful.

I know I’m probably going to get bored and would like some variety, so if any of you have a favourite German radio station that you listen to during the day, that is mostly talking, please let me know.  Also, if you have any tips on improving my Hörverstehen, I would love to hear them.

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10 thoughts on “Tuning Into Deutsch Radio

  1. You don’t know me, I stumbled across your blog once while looking for something I can’t remember.
    Have you tried podcasts that were specifically geared for learners or are you too advanced for that? I found something years ago called Langsam Gesprochenen Nachrichten which was useful. There was also someone who did a podcast entitled Schlaflos in Muenchen (which is exactly the wrong end of the country, oh well, but she isn’t speaking Bayerisch) but she had some slower German resources as well on her website.

    • I do listen to podcasts, but I find the ones geared to German learners very unnatural so was looking for more realistic resources to give myself exposure to everyday speech and also to start to learn more about German culture and society.

      Langsam Gesprochenen Nachrichten on DW is very good though, especially for a news junkie like me.

  2. My favourite mostly talking radio station is WDR 5 (www.wdr5.de) here in Nordrhein-Westfalen.
    It also has a section for kids: Kinderradiokanal (www.kiraka.de).

      • You can also find a fair number of shows of Deutschlandfunk at www. dradio.de with… a transcript :)
        And then there is Deutschlandradio Kultur (same website). Their children’s section is called Kakadu… it is only half an hour long though.
        When I was relearning English I also did watch movies with subtitles. But whenever I wasn’t able to hear that the person really says what’s written I would rewind until I really heard the single words…

  3. Deutschlandradio is quite nice as well. Lots of text, but not as repetitive as NDR Info, mixed with some music. They also have a kids programme.

  4. When in Germany I live in Saarland. Radio Salue (umlaut u) is the easy listening station that my parnter always has going in the car. So I listen mostly to that. They speak mostly Hoch Deutsch and possibly a little dialect. But not too much. Easy to understand but fast speaking and this could be helpful. Good Luck ,.

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