Now I’ve been clumsy and thus accident-prone my entire life, but in the last 3 weeks I’ve really out done myself.  It all started with the weekend I decided to cut myself on every single surface sharper than butter like the potato peeler, my razor blade and even my fingernail.  Then I moved onto the lovely knee bashing period which is still ongoing.  Ladders, coffee tables, bed frames, everything even remotely at knee height gets my knee slammed into it forming bruises on top of bruises.  But last night was truly my crowning glory.  At o’dark thirty whilst fast sleep I punched myself in the nose and woke up to my nose bleeding heavily.  It took a good 40 minutes or so to get the bleeding to stop. By some kind of miracle, I didn’t get a single drop of blood on my bedsheets. The same could not be said for my face and hands (sorry about that gross image).  My poor snoz is feeling mighty tender this morning and I’m scared to sneeze. Please tell me I’m not the only one who injures themselves in really stupid ways.


6 thoughts on “Accident-Prone

  1. wow. maybe you were dreaming something really horrible and were punching some baddie and accidentally hit yourself? in any case: asleep-meg is a badass not to be messed with. :) i recently stood up really fast not realizing that my wooden chair was right behind my butt and i got the biggest bruise. of course this happened two days before i got to pose for a bronze statue and i had to explain twice that no one hit me

  2. I’ve punched myself in the face while sleeping before.

    Also, I needed seven stitches in my shin after falling into an open manhole.

    When I injure myself, I go for comedy gold.

  3. There’s probably not a single corner or edge in our flat I haven’t bruised myself on. Always glad I have no audience ;) But when I sleep, I luckily sleep.

  4. There are many theories that if you are accident prone it’s a sign of something else going on unconsciously. Are you always injuring one particular side?
    Could be something you’re working through or something your brain is trying to get through to you.

    • I’ve always been accident prone thanks to problems judging exactly where my body is in relation to objects. It just seems to have ramped up lately, probably because I’ve been so tired lately thanks to working on Steel Magnolias.

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