Something Fierce

When I lived in Sydney, I was always going to see live music. However, since moving to Germany, I have not been to see any live music.  But last night I broke the live music drought by going to see Marian Call performing at a house concert.

The concert set up was a little strange.  The host of the concert had erected a tent in his backyard and had invited his entire extended family to attend as well as about 10 of us fans.  Therefore, we had a Alaskan geek girl singing about spaceships and awkward nerd dating to a predominantly over 60s German speaking crowd.  Still, to their credit, the extended family was a very appreciative audience and quite a few of them brought her CD after the show.  It was definitely one of the more unique concerts I have ever attended.

Still, of us fans that attended, I was definitely amongst my own kind and that was wonderful. The defining moment of that was when one of the guys there pulled out an iPod loaded up with every single episode of Firefly and we all gathered around to watch an episode. Also, Marian showed herself to be one of the few genuinely lovely people out there and made everyone feel like they were old friends, which was much appreciated by the incredibly shy and awkward person I turn into when I go somewhere where I don’t know anyone.

If you are looking for some fantastic new music with a geeky streak to it, then please give Marian’s stuff a list.  You can listen to all of her music on her site.  We made her promise to come back to Hamburg to perform for us soon, and if you live in Australia, she is trying to make her way down there as soon as she can gather some funds.

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