Vivid Dreams

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All you budding amateur dream interpretors, I need your help.  I’ve been plagued for weeks by really vivid dreams.  The type of dreams that you can remember for days after and now they have taken a really odd turn.  For the past week I’ve been dreaming about kissing random women.  Now I’m not complaining about the occasional kissing dream as they are rather pleasant, but when they happen on a nightly basis for over a week, they start to become a little troubling if only because the frequency.

I’ve dreamt about making out with musicians, famous people and rather bizarrely the fictitious female bodyguard of Julia Gillard (I’m so sorry I got your name wrong & called you Kate).  I decided to consult Google and ask it what dreaming about kissing strange women meant and it told me – ‘To kiss a strange woman, could denote loose morals and perverted integrity’.  Okay, then. But seriously, obviously my subconscious is trying to tell me something here and it might be something as simple as you need a really good snog, but I thought I would put it out there and see what you all come up with.


12 thoughts on “Vivid Dreams

  1. It strikes me that thy’re successful & powerful. D’you want that? Or is it just that you want to be appreciated? Apologies for numerous mistakes. Really am typing blind here. :)

  2. If its not individual qualities they represent as women then maybe what they represent as a whole? Think about the setting. Other details that might seem irrelevant may not be. Boil everything down to its simplest terms. Or you could just be horny/hormonal. ;)

  3. Sorry, but reading this just amused me (in a fun way though). I know when I dream in color, and I remember the dream it’s because I’ve taken too many vitamins that day.
    But, I’m with you, think you just need to take care of a little bit of business.

  4. On the non-interpretive side, I find I have vivid (and even lucid) dreams according to hormones (progesterone – meaning 2nd half of your cycle = vivid dreams) and sleeping position (back = vivid/lucid dreams)!

  5. In my experience, dreams tend to have a basis in something that’s on your mind. In other words, you may be subconsciously fixated on getting some snoggin’.

  6. Well it seems that your dreams are infectious. I had one about snogging Alex Kingston as Moll Flanders last night. mmmm.

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