First Frost of the Season

Winter has decided to arrive, in my opinion, a little early this year. Yesterday morning we had our first minus temperature, a chilly -2C, which made getting out of bed to go to work very hard indeed.  This morning, however, it was -4C and getting out of bed to go to the gym was almost damn near impossible.  But I did it and the world rewarded me with a gorgeous frosty wonderland to walk to the gym through.

I snapped the following two photos on my way to the gym and marvelled at how gorgeous everything looked with a white coating and smiled happily at the blue sky and sunshine.

Frost on autumn leaves

Frost on the Hedge

Then after I got back from the gym, the blue sky and sunshine went away to be replaced by grey clouds and the first snowfall of the season.  The snow didn’t stick and quickly turned to sleet, but it was enough to truly let me know that winter is here.  I’m wondering if minus temps and snowfall in October means that we are in for a long, harsh winter this year.


7 thoughts on “First Frost of the Season

  1. It’s been snowing here all day. It just started picking up though, so it looks cold and wintry outside, and I don’t like it!! It’s way too early. I think you are right, we might have an extremely long and harsh winter here in Deutschland. Frown.

    • Oh dear, I don’t like the sound of squirrels starting early on the nut hoarding. I hope they are wrong, but they tend to be right about this kind of thing.

  2. A lot of the locals say that the earlier the snow, the less cold the winter will be. Their logic says that early snow = not as cold, but less snow (like last year) means we’ll have an overall colder winter.

    I don’t buy it. But then, I’ve only ever lived through one winter- the rest of my life was in Florida, where there are only two seasons, and the colder one only exists for a week in February.

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