Radio Silence

My apologies for the lack of posting on this blog over the past week, but I’m now just emerging for one of the worst ever illnesses I’ve experienced.

On Sunday afternoon after a weekend of relaxing and finally getting over The Flu From Hell: The Return, I was getting myself geared up to tackle the upcoming week.  ‘Universe,’ I said, ‘this week I’m going to start my healthy eating diet and try and start to lose this damn weight’.  Little did I know the universe was listening and was in an evil mood.  That evening, I was struck with gastro and so began three days of hell. I won’t go into the details, cause no one needs to hear that, but in little over 12 hours I had dropped 2kg (thanks, Universe!). I have never felt so weak and so ill.

I’m just starting to feel better and ready to tackle life again.  I’m just hoping no viruses are lurking around the corner ready to take me out again.


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