WEBMU Invades Berlin

WEBMU stands for Whiny Expat Bloggers Meet-Up, however that name is not terribly accurate.  We are not not whiny and even the term expat is debatable for the folks in our group who have lived in Germany for 15 years plus.  However, we are a group of English speaking bloggers who have chosen to make Germany our home for either the short-term or the long-term and once a year we all get together for a long weekend full of laughter, alcohol and really good food.

This year, we invaded Berlin and were treated to a wonderful long weekend meticulously organised by our fearless hosts Snooker in Berlin and No Apathy Allowed. I learnt so much from our tours to the Stasi Museum and around Pinzberg, including the fact that I really need to brush up on my German history and  I also have decided that I never want to attempt to seek shelter in a bomb shelter after our Berlin Unterwelt Tour.  The only downside to the whole weekend  was I started to get sick with the flu from hell on Friday morning and therefore didn’t have the energy to enjoy myself as much as I would have liked.  Still I had a fantastic weekend with one of the loveliest bunch of people I feel fortunate to have meet in my great expat journey.

Obligatory photos

Button camera on display at the Stasi Museum

Apartment building still covered in bullet holes in Pinzberg (former East Berlin)

Looking into the Jewish Cemetery

Soviet style Planetarium


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