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Since writing about my own application for an EU Blue Card in Germany I have gotten a lot of people coming to my site looking for information. Now I have successfully gotten my EU Blue Card, I thought I would list all the requirements you need to apply for one plus some other information I found out during the process.

Please note this information applies only to applications made in Germany.  Other EU countries may have different requirements.


– an average yearly income of 44.800 Euro or

– if you are working in a shortage occupation (like: mathematicians, engineers, scientists, medical specialists or doctors, professionals of information and communication technology), an average yearly income of 34.944 Euro

– and an academic proof of qualification.


– your passport

– a biometric photograph

– a confirmation of German health insurance coverage

– an employment contract or (at least) a draft of contract

– and your academic proof of qualification.

If you are already working in Germany and have an existing work visa, you will also need to provide previous salary statements.

If you are a citizen of one of the following countries and do not hold a current German work visa, you can apply for an EU Blue Card after you arrive in Germany. These countries are: US, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, and Switzerland.  If you are a citizen of another country and do not hold a current German work visa, you must apply for the EU Blue card before entering Germany.

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9 thoughts on “What You Need To Apply For An EU Blue Card

  1. Can you elaborate on “academic proof of qualification?” I’m not sure what that means. If it has to come from an academic institution, then I’m not sure it’s something I could actually get.

    • An academic proof of qualification is a university degree or a certificate from a further education institution. But yes, it must come from an academic institution or at least this was my understanding of it. Best ask the Ausländerbehörde though.

      • Hi Riayn,

        How long is your blue card valid??Is it dependent on the work contract?
        Eg: If i have a work contract for a period of 2 years??? Will i get the blue card validity for 2 years or 4 years?

        • You will need to check with the Ausänderbehörde but I think you would only be able to get an EU Blue card for the length of your current work contract.

  2. @riayn hello Riayn, I am stuck up with strange problem. My job starting date is september 1st 2013. Still 5 months there. (I booked flights; 3 months i will be staying in my native place. I thought i would get blue card in 2 months gap.) I went to apply for blue card in march 27th 2013. I have all the documents and in the visa office they agreed to give Blue card. But they said they can issue it only after joining the job not before that. Is there any law or restriction ?? i mean the time limit for getting blue card? Do you have any idea ? Please help. Thanks in advance

    • I don’t work for the government so please ask them and don’t rely solely on my advice. I was able to get a Blue Card whilst I had a pre-existing work visa so there is no restriction on when you have to get a Blue card. However, you must have some kind of work visa to begin working in Germany. You can not start working in Germany without the required legal documentation.

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