Words. Beautiful Words.

Because I was so excited/happy/relieved to get my EU Blue Card Visa, I went out and brought myself a gift.  Snooker in Berlin might recognised it, cause I spotted it on her bookshelf on the weekend and spent a considerably long time reading it whilst there.

It’s a book that tells you what everything is called in five different languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.  It is awesome.

Look how awesome this is!

I’ve really developed a thing lately about comparing what things are called in different languages and seeing how words are related or more interestingly trying to work out why they are completely different.  My nerdy heart finds this completely fascinating.

I have it sitting open next to me on my desk and whilst I should be concentrating on my work, I’m engrossed by this book.  I may have to put it away.

One conclusion I have drawn is whilst I do actually like the German language despite all the headaches its grammar gives me, everything is sexier when said in French.  I mean, would you prefer to be invited into la chambre or das Schalfzimmer? If you have a cold, would you prefer to reach for la boîte de kleenex or die Papiertachentuchschachtel. Actually if you can say the German word whilst all full up with a cold and feeling like crap it would be a miracle.

I only wish my talent with languages was as strong as my interest in them is.

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    • Now that is so much easier to remember and say. Alas, this book doesn’t have the room to add in all the slang or shortened versions of the words.

  1. That looks really cool.
    I liked how that Deutsch Perfekt magazine that we all got in our bags had a similar feature in the back.

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