Berlin Street Art

I was in Berlin over the weekend catching up with friends and one of the things we did was go on an Alternative City Tour which looked at the street art and alternative culture of Berlin.  The tour itself lasted almost 5 hours mainly because our tour guide was having as much fun as we were and was deeply passionate about street art. If you have a spare afternoon in Berlin, I strongly recommend taking this tour but book first, as the day we went they had to turn people away.

Since street art is about the art and not written descriptions, here is a selection of some of the fantastic art we saw.

Dangerous Childhood – metal workshop at Tacheles

Metal Play – metal workshop at Tacheles

Aliens at Haus Schwarzenberg

Musical Invasion

Little Lucy and her Kitti

The Brothers by Blue

Oil – East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

Coke – East Side Gallery

Of course I have many, many more photos of the amazing street art, which you can check out here.

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9 thoughts on “Berlin Street Art

  1. Love the photos….one of my favorite things to look at in Europe is the street art…you just don’t get that in Orlando! Hope you had fun in Berlin, am still waiting to make it there.

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  3. Great to see a collection of some of the city’s finest. I have still never taken a true blue tour of Berlin and think something like this tour might be just the right way to play tourist in our own city.

    One question – was Tacheles still open? I heard it was really & truly shut down.

    • Yes, when I went Tacheles was still open. However, they have said that on September 4th it will be shut down for good. Protests are planned to try to prevent this, so with any luck it will stay open past this date.

  4. AMAZING! I love wandering London with a camera for the random street art one can come across. I think more cities should encourage it. It turns the streets into an art gallery.

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