A Space To Work

Every since I moved into my new apartment back in January 2011, I’ve been doing all my work and study on the couch.  As I’ve been doing more and more German study this has become increasingly uncomfortable.  My back and neck have been complaining about the quite unnatural position I put them in to be able to write.  It has made doing work not the least bit pleasurable and so I haven’t been doing as much as I should or want to.

Last Saturday, I took the plunge and went to IKEA, a place I vowed never to return to after the multiple trips I made there trying to buy all the stuff for my new apartment.  There I was fortunate to find a desk in the same style as the rest of my furniture, a comfy chair, a floor protector and a lamp.  What amazed me more is that is all I brought. I resisted the urge to buy anything that I didn’t technically need.

Today, the wonderful folks from IKEA delivered my desk and chair and built them for me. This was a pricey outlay, but since I don’t have a car and I never want to build another piece of IKEA furniture ever again, it was something I was willing to pay for.

I am now the proud owner of a wonderful desk that fitted perfectly in my living room, besides moving a bookshelf that is, and I am already making good use of it.  My couch can now return to being just a couch instead of being where I had all my German books piled up so I could study.

Behold my desk looking as clean and clutter free as it will ever look. I just love it.


2 thoughts on “A Space To Work

  1. Winter is coming. (What a pity it’s not due before April.)

    Having “schwarzbraun” on my Ikea stuff as well, I can say I like your choice.

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